1094 – Email Marketing Best Practices with Liz Wilcox

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with email marketing expert, Liz Wilcox

Liz is an expert on how to write amazing emails to send to your network and client base. Her philosophy is to make email marketing as simple as possible for entrepreneurs. Josh explains that he feels the best emails are personal, relevant, and are all focused on what the recipient needs. Liz shares her three step email marketing framework; first, you earn a follower through some medium online, you get them onto your email list, and then you strive to become their friend. You need to catch their interest with whatever your common interests are and then deliver information and legitimate value with each and every correspondence. Treating your email list like they’re your friend and feeding the commonalities between yourself and your network is everything. Interact in your inbox the same way you would send letters to friends in the mail. Be that one person your recipient wants to hear from, the person whose correspondence they want to open. 

Liz and Josh also explore open rates. For one thing, make each email high value and make sure it’s always within whatever you promised your email list upon sign up. How do you turn your email list into your friends, though? Number one, invest time into building a genuine relationship. NEVER lead with sales, share in a relatable and authentic way, and be interested in what your network has to say. When you appear in their inbox consistently, you also stay top of mind. If once a week is overwhelming, send biweekly or once monthly. As long as you actually stay consistent with whatever you set as the expectation, you’re starting to build a friendship. 

As for tone when writing emails, write how you speak! Liz shares that however your demeanor is when you talk to people in person should be how you write in an email. It needs to actually sound like you to resonate and build the friendship. If you’re only just getting into email marketing, consider writing a newsletter for your business. This also allows you to evolve your brand and practice maturing your email tone. It’s the same with every medium of communication; with media, you adapt with your audience’s needs. The same applies to email marketing. 

There are four essential types of emails to send to your email list, especially if you’re trying to regengage a list you haven’t consistently emailed for some time. For one, send your freebie to them (again, if needed.) Next, add emails with your best content and valuable information. The third email type to send is a newsletter expectation – let them know what you’re going to be offering, especially new content and new free or paid products. The final email to work on is the friendship reengagement email; this is where you share your story and your why. Liz stresses that this should never be the first email you send; by the fourth email, the subscriber is invested, so this is when to send this message. 

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