1096 – Content That Helps Your Audience Know, Like, And Trust You with Automation Wolf’s Matthew Hunt

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the founder of Automation Wolf, Matthew Hunt. 

Automation Wolf, based in Toronto, Canada, works with B2B entrepreneurs to create all of their social media in a single hour. Matthew Hunt shares that busy entrepreneurs never have enough time – and that his company saw a need they could fill. They help these busy business owners consistently post on social media such as LinkedIn in a short form, snackable way. Matthew shares that they pull micro content from an hour long meeting he and his company conduct with their clients. This single hour of answering questions and talking about their business can offer months of evergreen content to post on their platforms. 

Matthew also shares that consistency is required in order to get your audience to know, like, and trust you. Automation Wolf utilizes three pillars of different types of content; short form, snackable content, long form content, and controlled form content. Not any one of these types of content is enough to see your business transform, but the combination of these pillars with consistency will build your audience’s relationship with you. You don’t get transformation until you demonstrate your abilities via long form content. Controlled content is all community focused – own the relationship and encourage your audience to engage with you. This is how your audience will begin to trust you. 

The problem, Matthew shares, is that not many entrepreneurs have the time for this. One way to get started is to hold a once-monthly event you conduct for your community. Run a poll and see who signs up – they don’t even need to attend live. An event is an amazing way to get your audience to like you through long-form content. Matthew describes each pillar as corresponding with know, like, and trust; short form content is helping your audience get to know you, long form content will get your audience to like you, and controlled content will help your audience trust you. 

But who do you invite to your event? Find a way to get yourself ‘in the room’ with those you’re trying to target – virtually or otherwise. Run a mastermind event, break bread, don’t pitch, and you’ll fastrack earning authentic trust from your target audience. The bottom line? The byproduct of strategizing the know, like, and trust process will result in leads and sales. Don’t aim for sales, aim for trust and community. 

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