1097 – Operating with a Profit First Mindset with Pivot Business Group’s Pam Jordan

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the President of Pivot Business Group, Pam Jordan. 

Pam shares that she worked in the corporate world until the construction company she worked for went bankrupt. After that, it became her personal mission to help business owners really understand their numbers. Pivot Business Group helps business owners translate these numbers into actual sustainable strategies. 

Josh and Pam explore how Pivot rolls up their sleeves and gets to work. They look at all factors, from profit to revenue to scalability. They go through and make sure businesses are charging enough, offer enough products, have enough clients, and overall, get them closer to true profitability. Pam sometimes encourages clients to have hard conversations, such as when an entrepreneur lives their lifestyle through their business. She shares that, for instance, payroll can’t be met if money is being spent on a lifestyle beyond their means. Most of the time, though, Pam shares that many business owners just need to dig into the details and see where the money sinks are. 

Josh and Pam also explore how much money pours into things, sometimes without the business owner’s full awareness. Focus on profit first; top line is an ego metric, and the bottom line is a real profitability metric. Sometimes, uncomfortable conversations need to happen to make necessary pivots. A lot can be done and there are many drivers that can tip the scale; Pam and her team are experts at digging down and prioritizing these drivers. CFOs provide the road to a successful business and/or exit, and this is where Pivot Business Group thrives. 

Pivot starts working with their clients by first conducting a profit analysis. They discover how money is really moving in a business and where things work and where they don’t. They see opportunities and issues and they are completely equipped to renovate and then maintain a sustainable business. 

Most of Pivot Business Group's industry agnostic clients make 7-figures or more at the topline, but struggle with how they spend money. They’re looking for companies wanting to get to the next level; the answer to their solution is financial clarity. The truth? Everyone thinks that everyone else has it together when it comes to their business finances… But this is a misconception. It’s more common than you’d think. Many businesses share the same struggles relating to financial lack of clarity, across various verticals. 

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