1098 – Helping Entrepreneurs Get to Their Goals with Joel Gandara

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the CEO of Morro Capital and president of Joel Gandara Coaching, Joel Gandara.

Joel shares that he’s a family-oriented entrepreneur and he loves to share what he’s learned and help others develop and learn. Joel shares that his specialty is addressing the harder issues with his entrepreneurial clients. Sometimes, business leaders need an objective guide who will tell them the truth and help them forge their own path. Joel gets his clients to the next level by addressing the deep issues and helping them improve as business owners and leaders. 

Joel explains that he focuses on red flags and overcoming issues with his clients as they arise. The number one issue he sees over and over is that business owners overcomplicate things. It doesn’t always need to be a complex web; sometimes you just need a second pair of eyes on things to show you your own blind spots. If you lay out every issue, you can start with step one and go from there. Overcomplicating things is the fastest way to avoid dealing with an issue; Joel helps business leaders face these issues head on. 

Josh and Joel also explore how to address issues once you realize they exist. Don’t just seek the ‘how’ of the fix – find the ‘who’. Hire an expert, someone more qualified than yourself, to operate in their zone of genius and provide a fast and effective solution. It only costs you more money to try and DIY complex issues when a professional could fast track success for you. 

Joel also discusses his fulfillment company, Morro Capital, where he invests and acquires various businesses. He works in the eCommerce space and he explains that most of the businesses he has acquired weren’t even for sale; he knows he wants the business, and he knows how to help the current owner get to their own goals where they’re ready to sell. He also talks about looking for businesses to acquire that he knows he can make more profitable; when he knows he can reconfigure and streamline a business, he flips it and turns things around. Between providing better fulfillment and back end treatments as well as getting the previous owners where they want to be, Joel and his team thrive in this space.

Want to learn more? Check out Joel Gandara Coaching’s website at

Check out Morro Capital on LinkedIn at

Check out Joel Gandara Coaching on LinkedIn at

Check out Joel Gandara on LinkedIn at

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