1100 – Living with Holistic, Mindful Intention with Intentionality’s Finnian Kelly

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the founder of Intentionality, Finnian Kelly.

Finnian shares that he loves to activate the light within others. He offers keynote speaking, facilitates retreats and breath journeys, and generally he loves to help people unveil the extraordinary traits already within them. He shares that many of his clients know something is missing but can’t put their finger on it. Many of his clients are successful entrepreneurs, but there’s still an emptiness they experience despite their accolades and achievements. 

Finnian also talks about how it’s impossible to separate your personal life from your work; humans are designed to live holistically. It’s against our natural order to disconnect these aspects of your life; you shouldn’t seek to separate your life and your work, you just need healthy boundaries between them. 

Entrepreneurs are visionaries who live in the future. Finnian shares that this mindset is a two sided coin; it can push innovation and drive success, but it leaves many business owners feeling dissatisfied because they’re never existing in the present moment, they’re always striving for the next ‘big thing’ in their business. You don’t want to spend all of your time focusing on what you feel still (and likely in your eyes, will never be) isn’t ‘good enough’ when it comes to advancing your business. There are better factors to assess to determine where you’re really at. For one thing, don’t run everything with your mind. You need to address things from a heartfelt perspective in order to operate away from your ego and from the grind of your business. 

Operating from a heartfelt perspective will afford you more extraordinary days where you can discover what it is you really want. You define what your intentions and successes are when you think about your own personal sense of joy, peace, and fulfillment. Balancing logic and emotion requires you recognizing how these aspects work together. The truth is that life is unpredictable; don’t expect things to go your way. Exist in the present, work on what matters NOW (not later), and live productively. In this life, time is finite, so when you choose to do one thing, you’re choosing not to do something else. How much time with your loved ones are you literally willing to delete from your life for an unexpected meeting or work related task? There are consequences for every choice, and the only solution to this is to live with intentionality. 

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Check out Finnian Kelly on LinkedIn at

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