1102 – A Franchise Model Tutoring Center with Huntington Learning Center’s Anne Huntington Sharma

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with the President and Board Member of Huntington Learning Center, Anne Huntington Sharma. 

Huntington Learning Center is the nation’s leading K-12 tutoring and test prep provider. They were founded in 1977 by Anne’s parents. They change lives and are mission-driven; their mission is to provide the students that come through their doors with the best education possible. They help students build the skills and confidence they need to succeed. Huntington Learning Center began franchising in 1985 and they have about 300 locations in 42 states. They’re still growing, and this growth is driven by their goal to help business owners and students across the country.

Anne shares that some of their franchise owners participate day to day and others take a more delegated approach. No matter their system, Huntington Learning Center works with business owners where they are. 

Anne also shares that the tutoring industry has grown immensely in recent years, especially during the age of COVID. Teachers and schools are doing the best they can, and Huntington Learning Center partners with them to help supplement the education crisis occurring in America today. 

Josh and Anne also discuss what business owners should learn from the current climate. She shares that we should be going away from a culture of blame and move towards a culture of collaboration. When you foster a business and a team, get the key stakeholders around the table to ensure that everyone involved is working towards the business’s vision. Everyone should have a voice and your business team should work together and avoid a siloed approach. What impact is your leadership team having? If that impact is not all positive, come back to center and collaborate with your team to problem solve. 

Anne also explains their franchise model; they do offer manuals and booklets, but moreover they feature an award winning training department. This helps franchise owners new to the space develop a good understanding of how Hunting Learning Center operates across the board. Many of their top franchisees aren't even in the tutoring field; their training process is so comprehensive and organized that entrepreneurs across many verticals can open a franchise with Hunting Learning Center. It’s a very individualized style of business growth, and Anne and her team work to make sure no matter how their franchisees approach business, they're ready to help students learn. 

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