1103 – A Groundbreaking Approach to Operating a Veterinary Clinic with Cheap Pricks’ Matt Bowler

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the co-founder of Cheap Pricks, Matt Bowler. 

Cheap Pricks (it’s not what you think!) is a brand that provides low cost wellness and preventative care by licensing to veterinarians who can operate under the brand. Matt shares that he and his partner have run pet facilities for over a decade and they saw inefficiencies in how pet appointments were scheduled and in the day to day operations of vet offices. Vets aren’t known for their timeliness because time in their offices isn’t used efficiently. 

Matt realized the customer experience shouldn’t be rigid; they lighten their branding on the front end, which can only ease a stressed pet parent in the moment on the backend. Matt shares that he and his partner aren’t actually vets but they wanted to bring their vision of an efficient practice to market. What they decided to do was define their brand by offering distinct services at competitive prices by providing all non clinical tech and administrative components. 

This approach is groundbreaking, and not all veterinarians are embracing the change, but their approach is definitely innovative. There was pushback to their system initially, but there are also many practices embracing Cheap Pricks and its approach to handling the non-clinical elements of a veterinary clinic. Cheap Pricks reached out to the known vets in their network and haven’t needed to expand beyond that circle yet to see success. 

Matt shares that most veterinarian practices grow by accident, and those that intend to grow do so exponentially. It’s a field with good opportunity, but with definite room for improvement. With so many issues with time efficiency rampant across the industry, better practices are on the horizon. 

Cheap Pricks uses a licensing model to work effectively with vets and give them the hands-off approach to the business elements of running a practice. They cover everything from marketing to customer service to cleaning the office. They help these offices grow strategically and find their target audience. Even in such an opportunistic industry, you want to care about the details of your messaging as a veterinary practice. Matt shares that you want to know what your target market looks like and who your customers are. He also shares his philosophy behind both the name of his business and his business model; you might turn off some of the market by being authentic and groundbreaking, but you’ll also attract a lot of amazing clients that are perfect for you. 

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