1104 – Providing Top Businesses with Top Interns with Absolute Internships’ Fredrik Van Huynh

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the co-founder and CEO of Absolute Internship, Fredrik Van Huynh. 

Absolute Internship connects university and high school students with global internship opportunities. They work with over 800 companies across 10 countries. If you’re a business owner looking to source interns from across the globe, reach out to their team. 

What sets them apart is that they have partnerships with universities in the United States and all over the world. They offer top students top internship opportunities at different types of companies. Freddie shares that he and his team saw a need to connect students to these companies in different countries. Students need the impact and experience of having a cross-cultural experience, and this is where Absolute Internships fills a gap. 

Absolute Internships works with universities and high schools who commission them to send groups of students abroad for short internships. They organize the visas and cultural activities, and they also ensure the students are safe and comfortable. 

Freddie shares that 45% of their students do their internships from home online, and the other 55% actually travel abroad for their internships. They work with various companies and nonprofits in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. They also work with numerous prestigious schools in the U.S. to provide these internship opportunities.

He also explains how B2B business models became the accidental catalyst to growing Absolute Internships. He realized that universities would provide students in bulk for internships, so they began cold emailing various universities to forge the relationships and network they have today. 

According to Absolute Internships’s website, whether universities are looking to build a new international internship program from the ground up, or expand their program within an existing framework, they offer the expertise to assist them in providing global internship opportunities for their students. Universities have set goals, and Absolute Internships have on-site relationships, operations expertise and local knowledge; together they can build a sustainable program meeting their academic and institutional targets.

Absolute Internship has an award-winning international internship program for their company partners, too. They place talented interns at companies based in Barcelona, Beijing, Hong Kong, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm and Tokyo. From multinational firms to startup companies, they strive to provide our interns with a taste of work life.There is no charge to host one of their interns, and each individual is carefully vetted through a comprehensive application process.

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