1105 – The Warrior’s Journey and Entrepreneurship with LumAware Safety’s Zachary Green

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to Marine Corps veteran, founder of LumAware Safety, author of Warrior Entrepreneur, and host of the podcast, The Warrior’s Voice, Zachary Green.

Zachary shares he experienced many challenges in his youth and he began his warrior’s journey to prove those who doubted him wrong. The warrior’s journey is all about grit and transformation and as soon as he turned 18, he joined the Marines and went through that experience. He shares that those who experienced hardship in their youth were better equipped for work in the military, and this was a new experience for him. Ultimately, he left the Marines after serving and became a firefighter to continue giving back to his community.

What he shares about this experience is that he found himself becoming extremely disoriented while navigating dark buildings during rescues with the fire department. What he developed was a solution that utilized glowing crystals to help cast literal light in these exact life-or-death situations. His solution became so popular locally, he took it to a trade show to see how his product would fare. During that trade show alone, his company booked more than $100,000 worth of business. The problem? Zachary explains that they didn’t have the production means or funding. His Marine mindset pushed him to take the risks to make it happen – this resulted in almost 30 million dollars worth of business to come.

Not only did this experience save his life, but it also granted him immense success. It didn’t come easily, though. Zachary shares he endured the most difficult challenges he’s ever faced – and he was infantry in the Marine Corps and a dedicated first responder as a firefighter. He stresses that your love for your business creates even more strain and difficulty – he explains that the first mistake business owners make is not letting their businesses go so it can grow. Iron sharpens iron, Zachary says, and you need to always be sharpening your grit in preparation for the challenges you will inevitably face. He shares that his business had to fail first before it could succeed.

Entrepreneurship is the highest of highs and lowest of lows, and when you go through the crucible your business will endure, you will see the darkness of the abyss. The depths of your journey must transform you – you have to conquer and destroy your old self. You must forge yourself into something greater, Zachary shares. The warrior’s journey is transforming during your crucible.

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