1106 – Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Professionals with Very Social’s Ryan Garson

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO of Very Social and accomplished New York real estate broker, Ryan Garson. 

Ryan has been in real estate for 8 years based out of Brooklyn, NYC. About 2 years ago, he started Very Social. He shares he dipped his toes in social media brand marketing by selling properties on platforms like Instagram. By connecting with his sphere of influence on social media, he found amazing opportunities to grow his portfolio. He realized more brokers should be branding and marketing themselves on social media and so Very Social was born. They’ve seen immense success since their launch 2 years ago. 

Ryan shares how short form video content has really blown up in his niche and he believes these platforms are going to become even more popular. Content creation is now an integral part of how Ryan run’s his real estate ventures. He invests time, money, and energy into creating professional content for these platforms. 

Josh and Ryan also explore what entrepreneurs should be doing with their socials these days. Ryan explains that you should start small, just be consistent. If you’re a real estate agent, post things about where you live. Pick things you’re passionate about and that are authentic to you. Beyond that, engage with your followers on your social media. If you don’t show your sphere of influence love online, why should they show you love? Social media is a way to stay connected and keep up with your entire network. Dedicate yourself to actually starting and facilitating conversations, don’t just post and ghost. Don’t sell, either. Be an indispensable resource in your community and provide value in every conversation you have. It may feel pedestrian and tedious at times, but it’s not all about mass marketing; the only way to forge genuine connections with your audience is to put in the effort. 

Ryan shares that 75% of your content should be about your lifestyle and passions and only 25% should be transactional/promotional posts. You need to have an actual, personal connection with your audience. Share your successes and market views, but make it more about your expertise rather than selling. You need to be likable and trustable for people to want to buy from you. 

Very Social is a collaborative company that helps manage YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more for their clients. They put together a social media posting calendars for their clients that are both consistent and curated to match their brands and stories. Consistency is key, so scheduling posts in advance is definitely a top best practice to stay top of mind. 

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