1107 – Helping Creative CEOs Grow Their Businesses with Fireside Strategic’s Dan King

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the co-founder of Fireside Strategic, Dan King. 

Fireside Strategic works with creator CEOs to grow mission-driven, creative, and impactful businesses. Dan shares that creative CEOs can struggle to focus on the right ideas. When they get distracted, so do their teams and clients. Fireside helps these CEOs choose the right strategy, make the most impact, and grow their businesses exponentially. 

Josh and Dan explore how Fireside Strategic helps these CEOs focus. Step one is to find the ‘white space’ for them. Fireside uncovers the deepest, but best business choices for the individual businesses they work with. Step two is aligning the company’s team so that it’s not just the CEO behind that strategy; everyone is rowing in the same direction. The third step is that they maintain accountability across the entire team to make sure the progress stays consistent and focused. 

Dan shares he got started in this space because he himself is a creative entrepreneur. He spent years as a lawyer, he shares, doing work that didn’t speak to him. His job was to help Shark Tank investors keep the businesses they invested in focused from a legal standpoint. What he found was that he didn’t care about the legal issues; he cared about the business owners and their businesses. From there, he combined his business expertise with his love for this work and so he co-founded Fireside Strategic to help solve these issues in a unique way. 

The best employees can choose where they work, and this is where creative CEOs and entrepreneurs can shine. They can inspire their teams to actually work towards their company’s impact-driven mission. While these CEOs might need guidance on the best strategy out of many, they also have a unique gift that allows them to inspire the best employees and teams to push forward their vision. 

Dan also shares that some of these CEOs utilize COOs to stay focused, but not all. Some CEOs don’t think about hiring a COO, or the CEO and COO don’t always see eye to eye. Fireside Strategic can help implement and align these various roles within an organization to ensure its leadership teams are well-rounded and working towards the same goals. Work within your zone of genius, implement other leaders within your business that can work complimentary to your skills, and work in the same direction as your team. 

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