1108 – Building Authentic Relationships With Your Leads with The Freedom Ad Agency’s Alexandra Ramirez

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the founder of The Freedom Ad Agency, Alexandra Ramirez. 

The Freedom Ad Agency focuses on helping high ticket coaches get amazing results and business, and maximize their profits. They work with a variety of coaches in various spaces. Alexandra shares that the Apple iOS 14 update threw a wrench into the works for advertisers, especially on Facebook. What this update does is offer users the option to “not be tracked”. Alexandra shares that this has attached a negative misconception to being tracked. As a consumer, being “tracked” simply means ads will be targeted towards you. Alexandra says she knows she’s a little biased as an advertiser herself, but these changes make it more difficult to target the right people for the right businesses. 

Josh and Alexandra explore outdated practices that simply don’t work anymore. One major mistake she sees companies make in their marketing and advertising is using automated funnels. Especially the older ways to use automated funnels – you can’t draw people in with ‘secrets to be revealed when you sign up’ anymore. You need to actually make a conscious, targeted effort to find the right clients. The connection between yourself and your audience has become far more important and effective than using total automation. However, you can use an automated funnel that ALSO builds those connections. 

For instance, using live events like webinars to make connections is one strategy. When you run a results-based seminar or event, you get not only more connections, but you make more sales. If you give your audience a tangible result after interacting with you, you build the know, like, and trust factors authentically. 

You also have to look at what you’re offering – a low ticket versus high ticket offering can’t be funneled the same way. You can’t always use automated funneling for high ticket items. The best price points for webinars tend to be between $3 and $97. Alexandra shares that you can sell $1,000+ offerings through a webinar, but you have to actually offer the support the buyer needs to feel confident in purchasing. You can also schedule one on one calls for high ticket offerings from your webinars to further build those individual relationships and connections. Think about your consumers' needs and what they’re looking for when you build funnels. The needs change with the product offerings, so you can’t advertise the same way to all of your leads. You have to strategize. 

Alexandra also advises to not use a script on sales calls. Don’t go in with an expectation; put service and authenticity first. Ask the lead what they want, don’t “sell” to them in the traditional sense. Meet their needs where they’re at.  

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