1110 – The Truth About Effective Marketing Strategy with KUWARE’s Avi Kumar

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the CEO & Chief Wizard of InvisiblePPC and the founder and CEO of KUWARE, Avi Kumar. 

KUWARE is a full service agency with a big focus on strategy. Avi shares that his clients needed more strategy in the form of a fractional CMO in order to really determine a company’s needs and a solution-oriented approach. Being a full service agency, they can establish these strategies in-house for the companies they work with. They’ve made an impact and have worked with some major brands, including GM, Acer, Dell, Samsung, Intel, and more. Avi stresses that they work with brands and companies of all sizes. 

KUWARE sets itself apart by helping brands through transparency in strategy – sometimes by being very honest. If they feel they don’t see the success or a unique enough value proposition, they won’t work with those companies. They believe in applying their marketing in a way that will yield results. 

Achieving marketing goals today isn’t necessarily different than it was in the past. There’s no magic formula. The channels and means have changed, but not the core values of effective marketing. You have to have a good product or service that actually has a stand out value proposition for marketing to work. Once KUWARE has established this with a company, they target the low hanging fruit first and work their way forward. They strategically implement different channels in order to start seeing immediate results. 

They spend this time in the beginning achieving these results, which means their clients will stay with KUWARE for the long haul. Avi explains that it doesn’t take 6 months to build a successful brand through marketing. The ‘brand’ of a company is all tied up in your market’s perception of you. The customers educate you, so you have to change your product or service to meet the market’s needs, Avi shares. 

Josh and Avi also explore how ad copy has changed. Now, humor goes a long way. However, you can’t skip over the basics of selling. You can add humor, but if you don’t adequately explain the solution you offer and the problem you’re solving with your value proposition, you won’t get many buyers via advertising. If you want to attract consumers to even consider buying, tell them why (in a few seconds or less) why they should even click your ad. 

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