1115 – Effective Marketing in the IT Space with Virtua Consulting’s Justin Esgar

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the founder of Virtua Consulting, Justin Esgar.

Virtua Consulting is a management service provider that works in the virtual computing space. Virtua Consulting is a family of businesses including IT Consulting, Business Consulting, Conferences, and Learning. They also develop software and hardware solutions as well as apps. 

Justin shares that the catalyst for the idea for Virtua started with an app he developed. From there, he wanted to help other companies get through this process smoothly. They can consult on the idea behind an app, to outsourcing development, to launch and management. Virtua works with all types of businesses, even non IT companies like SaaS companies, apparel lines, food service companies, and more. 

Josh and Justin also explore how much spam and bad information there is in the IT space. Justin explains that MSPs all have one thing in common; they all want more business. He goes on to share that the tactics used for leadgen in the space are too generic. The only way to learn that as an MSP is to go through it, Justin says. Marketers who outsource to IT professionals use the same formula in a consultative sense, so it takes time for MSPs to figure out that those tactics simply don’t work. The only people who succeed in these scenarios are the marketers who are selling to these IT professionals. Be wary of these tactics and strategize how to lead personal, connective marketing. 

Justin also shares the importance of niche marketing within the MSP space. Virtua’s niche is that it works as an Apple/Mac consultant. However, there are deeper niches than even that. Virtua specializes specifically in being an Apple consultant for non-profit organizations. There are too many generalized MSPs in this space; the key is to dig an inch wide and a mile deep in your niche, not vice versa. You need to be an expert in your one, specific zone of genius to stand out. Don’t throw spaghetti at the wall and try to be extremely broad to try and attract more business. It just isn’t effective in such a saturated space. Focus your business on your area of genius and dial in your marketing accordingly. Look for conversations and communities online where you actually provide value and insight organically. Don’t sell, you don’t need to. The right people will find you if you focus on the right tactics. 

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