1119 – Simplifying Technology Solutions with Nuclius’s Pace Ellsworth

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with the founder and CEO of Nuclius, Pace Ellsworth. 

Nuclius builds software, websites, and mobile apps. They work with any business that wants to simplify technology and use modern technology to automate processes – and potentially double their margins. Nuclius finds the solutions to simplify technology. 

Pace shares that Nuclius operates as a strategic partner rather than an outsourced firm. They go into a business with fresh eyes and not only solve the development side of issues, but also the project management and planning. You need to deeply know the lay of the land when it comes to software development and you have to interconnect business processes in order for automation to be possible. This is what Nuclius does. 

Pace also shares that software development has seen a boon during the pandemic, and remote work is now a permanent change that isn’t ever going away in this industry. This flexibility makes for less burnout and more satisfaction for employees, which results in more productivity. Going remote has also pushed companies to invest in software development – you need it at this point to get in front of audiences in a virtual sense. Automation is integral to streamlined and efficient business in this day and age, so don’t spend less money on tech solutions without spending more time on your plan. If tech and automation aren’t your areas of genius, deeply consider the risks of forgoing hiring a high-ticket company with experts. 

Pace and Josh also explore what to look for when hiring a developer. He shares this wisdom; you get what you pay for. You can outsource to a cheaper developer, but you better have your plan down exactly. If you don’t tell these developers exactly what to do, there will be all types of mistakes and assumptions when executed that will cost you a lot of time and headaches. Hiring a strategic partner can offer not only deep brand and business knowledge readily applied during development,  but also intimate knowledge of the software space. Invest the money to hire an expert to give your business the personalized software solution it deserves. 

According to their website, Nuclius is a cross-functional software development, project management, and design team with a wealth of experience, remotely based in the United States.

They  are here to meet the needs of projects of any size. Their talented designers, developers, and project managers guide their clientele through the process of development from beginning to end.

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