1123 – Building a Holistic Payment Software for Service Providers with Fons’s Eric Branner

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with the founder and CEO of Fons, Eric Branner. 

Fons schedules payments on autopilot. Before he began his business, Eric was a classical musician. Eric found that operating his own studio saw most pain points in its payment process. This is what led him to start Fons. 

Fons offers a robust platform that focuses on the client-business relationship. They’re differentiated by the fact that they iron out the kinks in the client journey. Fons eliminates the awkward moments with collecting invoices. 

Scheduling payments should be integrated, Eric shares. He shares an anecdote – when he met the initial investor for Fons, he realized they weren’t executing things efficiently. What they developed over time was a fully integrated payment, booking, reminder, and cancellation system. They’ve also set up a subscription system for businesses that want to offer a membership experience for their clients. What matters most to Fons is that their clients use a system that gets them paid on time, every time. 

One of the top pain points? When cards get declined. Fons has a solution for that, too. When cards get declined, their system sends a friendly reminder to get that information updated. The system is designed to chase someone for you, and more often than not, you aren’t even aware there was a failed payment before it’s fixed. 

Eric isn’t a programmer, but was fortunate enough to be offered an opportunity to build a business. His father was an entrepreneur, so he was able to garner business wisdom while also being supported as a creative artist. Eric shares he wanted to do something different when this opportunity presented itself. Eric was mentored in the early cloud computing space, which also contributed to the business’s origins. It’s been more challenging than he expected, but with a team of world class engineers and developers and savvy investors, Eric and his team are now agile and adaptable. The system they built is holistic and stands out in its vertical because Fons focuses on relationships and opportunities. 

There are all types of service providers that would benefit from using Fons’s platform. Anyone from artists, tutors, and creatives to dog walkers and personal trainers use Fons. Eric’s mission is to serve those who make a positive impact in their space. Fons wants to actually help them make that impact, or help them make an even bigger impact, in the world. This type of service can keep these types of service providers on track with an unparalleled customer experience.  

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