1125 – Impact-Driven eCommerce Imagery with Results Imagery’s Kyle Nelson and Eli Libby

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Kyle Nelson and Eli Libby, the co-founders of Results Imagery. They’re also the co-hosts of Biz Bros. 

Results Imagery was founded about 6 years ago and they help brands and agencies create exceptional photos and videos. Ultimately, this support will generate more revenue and customers for the companies they work with. They have an eCommerce background and they understand how to use imagery and content to excel in the eCommerce space. This is what sets Results Imagery apart – they have an innate understanding of having great media behind your eCommerce brand. 

Having images showcasing the features of your product in a way that evokes emotion is key. You need a beautiful, high quality image to tell a story for the consumer. Using amazing imagery is the first real touch point in the customer journey, so it needs to leave a lasting and effective impression. This is how consumers buy today. When you purchase online, you’re going off of visuals. An image needs to perform well on conversion just as much as traditional marketing needs to.

Eli and Kyle explore how they’ve gathered insights over the years regarding effective eCommerce imagery. They look at the metrics and results of a company’s past efforts against their work with Results Imagery. This is how they fine tune their process and stay on the cutting edge of branding imagery. The first set of images is going to be a good indicator of market fit. Use fantastic imagery and see what the market says; this will give you a realistic idea of current market trends. 

Josh, Eli, and Kyle also explore the oversaturation of bad stock images in the small to medium-size business space. If you want to effectively tell your brand’s story through imagery, you won’t do it with outdated stock photos. The consumer knows when they’re seeing a curated stock photo. When you’re driving online traffic, the first images consumers see need to convert immediately. Only after that should you talk about product reviews and community. A good photo can truly speak a thousand words in this case. 

Some of the biggest insights Eli and Kyle learned came from raw conversations with their clients. They’ve made major pivots already to stay relevant and effective as they’ve learned valuable lessons over time. They’re only just getting started, they share, and they love the creative impact they have on their clients’ businesses. 

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