1126 – The Truth About Lead Conversion in 2022 with LeadRoll’s Tyler Kemp

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO of LeadRoll, Tyler Kemp. 

LeadRoll works with high-ticket companies to help them scale exponentially, up into the multi millions. LeadRoll gets rid of the bad outbound marketing approaches and ‘growth hacks’ without cutting corners. They get guaranteed results on a performance basis. They fill their clients’ closers’ calendars with qualified leads who will convert. As long as what the company offers works, LeadRoll can help them scale. 

Josh and Tyler explore the importance of using lead lists with buyer intent, but also with creating a relationship with your prospects. Sliding into someone’s DMs for transactional conversations isn’t relationship building. Tactically, you have to have your messaging dialed in. 

Tyler also explores the reality of successful lead generation. Having a good list is only one piece of the puzzle. LeadRoll has this down to a science, and inevitably, you have to know your math from the start with your lead gen. Many companies finish with where they should only be starting. Always continue fine tuning. High relevancy and high-level, high-touch marketing is vital. Tyler shares that LeadRoll has made its fair share of mistakes, but the key differentiator for them is that they learn and pivot each time. They keep going until they get it right. 

Another important thing to accept is that some leads simply won’t buy sometimes. Organic leads have to work so specifically and go well enough each time to work. With mostly organic leads, people fall out of your funnel rather than into it. You have to have some outbound leadgen going, but you have to do it right. It can’t be automated and it can’t be cookie cutter. You will simply waste time and money because making the investment for an expensive, effective approach isn’t often the first choice. You need to have relevant, personalized messaging. You won’t find that with a widget or automation tool.  

Every step has to be precise and controlled, and LeadRoll isn’t secretive about their processes. They offer free education on their website that covers their systems and how they apply and execute their strategies. Their work is effective because there is no secret sauce; they have the data and the experience behind their processes to see amazing success when scaling businesses. Anyone can try to fill their calendar, but it has to be done right to see maximum conversions, and this is where most businesses fall flat. 

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