1128 – How to Strategically Tackle PR with Blaze PR’s Matt Kovacs

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with the President of Blaze PR, Matt Kovacs.

Blaze PR is a lifestyle agency that focuses on challenger brands. They want to help these brands make their marketing dollars go that much farther, especially in the lifestyle space. They have an opportunity to work in numerous mediums with the flexibility of their vertical, so they’re not pigeon-holed into antiquated solutions. Blaze PR helps brands break the noise through creative, cutting edge approaches. 

Josh and Matt explore how PR brands tend to be apprehensive about eating their own dogfood, so to speak. Blaze PR hasn’t shied away from setting themselves apart and using their own processes. They like showing their clients that they’re on top of things and believe in their own systems. 

Matt explains the ‘imagination process’ that comes into play when helping brands stand out. They first conduct a media perception audit and they explore what media think of a brand. Next, they look at who a brand is trying to reach. Who is their target audience, what do they care about? These are the questions Blaze PR asks when navigating the creative side of marketing for a brand. 

Josh and Matt also discuss how influencer marketing has begun to dominate many industries. When do you know when to pursue influencer marketing versus traditional marketing? Blaze PR applies both approaches strategically. They know that morning television reaches more members of a household than influencer marketing on YouTube does. Traditional media still reaches the general consumer, Matt shares. Influencer marketing is extremely focused, and it can work, but not for all niches. 

It all depends on the audience you need to reach and the channels you use need to match your brand’s messaging. You have to be cognizant of exactly who is watching your advert or content, even using traditional methods. 

Matt also shares one of the biggest issues he sees in PR. When he sees the false promises agencies make about what they can get for their clients, it really creates a false set of expectations within the space. The reality is that big media appearances in the traditional marketing sense take time. 

Blaze PR also loves podcasting. They strategically search for hosts that gel well with their clients. Every piece of what they do is tailored to the company they’re working with. By always being strategic with moves towards visibility, you’ll have a lot of amazing content with untapped reach. You can also convey way more in a positive podcast appearance than you can in an Instagram post. Podcasting is an opportunity to share your company’s vision, in your own words, with your audience. 

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