1130 – Better Habits With Disciplined, Daily Efforts with Phenom Leap Education’s David Lindsay

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with keynote speaker, coach, and founder of Phenom Leap Education, David Lindsay.

Phenom Leap Education was born during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, David explains. David’s face-to-face coaching business was suddenly totally on hold. He and some like minded friends in his network came together and created their courses online. From there, they founded Phenom Leap Education in order to enable them to have a global, virtual impact on their audience. Now, they’re interacting with audiences all over the world. 

David explains that he and his team help small to mid-level business owners who have hit a wall. He and his team helps to bridge that gap by helping them become better leaders and better versions of themselves. He shares that business owners who are plodding along and spinning their wheels and aren’t gaining momentum need to tackle making a bigger impact. Face-to-face coaching was reliant on local business, but the pandemic changed how the world communicates. Specifically, David strives to help middle management with the heat they receive on both ends. Building a robust middle management team is key to bridging some of the gaps with business stagnation. 

David shares that he sees many leaders losing momentum. As a coach, your role is to always push them to execute their roles optimally. Every link of the chain in a business has to be strong, but it needs to be through legitimate team building. If you bond your team through friendship, studies have shown people feel more community and are willing to work harder with their team, David shares. 

The smallest level of engagement with your team can add up, and creating a healthy, vibrant company culture can really make a difference. You have to do the work to create a dedicated team like this – your actions need to speak louder than words. Show your team you’re dedicated to success by creating strength and healthy habits within yourself. Sometimes, this means taking things one day at a time. If you make a little-by-little effort each day to change your habits, you’ll actually be more successful in changing your habits. If you take your time and change a little each day, you’ll see the openings you need to excel and become a better leader. There is a mental long game being played here, David explains. You have to have the discipline to keep going with healthy habits.

David also shares that staying grounded and present is key. Condition yourself to being present in every moment, for every interaction and decision, and avoid multitasking. Multitasking pulls you away from the moment that matters – the present.   

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