1131 – An Innovative Platform That Connects Podcast Creators and Guests with Guestio’s Travis Chappell

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO of Guestio, Travis Chappell. 

Guestio is a pay-to-play platform marketplace that allows you to book yourself onto quality podcasts – or, if you’re a podcast, you can find amazing guests. This platform brings quality creators and guests together through Guestio’s network. 

Guestio’s users are all dedicated to excellent podcasting and this is why they’re a paid platform. This platform ensures that serious, dedicated podcasters meet high-level guests. The best part is that Guestio allows each guest to charge an appearance fee as much as podcasts can charge an interview fee, so everyone is paid for their talent. 

Podcasting won’t necessarily bring you a windfall of traffic, but the traffic you will get will be ready to buy from you. Podcasting reaches an untapped audience and begins the know, like, and trust process organically. If someone wants to listen to you host or guest on a podcast for the entire length of a show, they’re already starting to like you. This is what makes podcasting so valuable. It may not be a massive quantity, but the leads that come from podcasting will always be quality, organic leads. 

Travis shares a valuable insight; you need to own your name when it comes to online authority and ranking. You need to build a strong network and make efforts to rank online in order to have reach and authority. One of the best ways to establish this authority and credibility is to be a guest on podcasts. Tell your story and get yourself in front of audiences. Podcasting, for many reasons, should be a part of your monthly budget, Travis advises. 

Travis and Josh discuss Guestio’s concierge service and how their offerings can manage someone’s podcasting bookings entirely. On the other hand, they also have “do it yourself” services. Guestio has offerings for companies at various levels of growth and revenue. 

Travis also shares how to charge for interviews as a creator. If you have more demand than you have guest slots, chances are you can start charging appearance fees. Beyond that, you can offer a “skip the line” offering that’s optional for those that want faster interviews and publishing dates. Monetizing your show appearances, or monetizing yourself as talent, has been made seamless by Guestio’s platform. Travis shares that there are many common mistakes when it comes to monetizing a podcast and he stresses that you’re not selling out if you monetize. There’s real value to an interview when your podcast is an established, authoritative platform.

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