1132 – Pivot Your Marketing with Case Studies with Simple Creative Marketing’s Anfernee Chansamooth

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to content strategist, writer, and podcaster with Simple Creative Marketing, Anfernee Chansamooth.

Simple Creative Marketing focuses on producing customer success stories and case studies for B2B service and SaaS companies. They typically work with 7-figure or more companies on assets to help them sell more. Content creation and marketing has to be executed effectively in order to scale at that level. Anfernee shares that they conduct marketing audits for the companies they work with when they begin working together. Seeing where existing marketing needs to be pivoted is the first step in actually seeing higher conversion rates. You have to narrow down the content that works for selling versus content that works to build a brand. When someone is evaluating a product or service, they want tangible proof and case studies to convince them the solution will work for them. This is the hurdle service providers need to overcome when scaling. 

Josh and Anfernee also discuss the differences between a testimonial and a case study. Testimonials are short and can definitely be executed wrong. When they’re jargon riddled or a copywriter wrote it for you, it won’t resonate with your audience. A case study, on the other hand, offers engagement context, methodology details, and why working with you really made a difference. A case study also needs to speak to the long term impact from working with your solution. This is where case studies really work better than testimonials – it tells someone the story behind your value proposition and what sets your company apart from your competitors. You need to prove you can deliver, especially when scaling above 7-figures. 

Josh also explores some common problems he sees with testimonials. A random name and last initial doesn’t resonate with a prospect when it comes to attributing a testimonial. You need to connect your testimonials and case studies to the audiences reading them. Introduce the person to your leads – show them why your case study, review, or testimonial subject is just like the prospect. If you don’t tell that story clearly through them, it won’t hit home or resonate. Give the case study the authority and credibility to speak to the rest of your audience. 

Your ad results need to achieve the specific goals and KPIs you set, but you have to deliver your messaging with emotion. Show your audience where they fit into the story of your solution. Show them with empathy and tangible proof that you can be the solution to their problem. 

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