1135 – Provide a Stellar End User Experience with Zoomin Software’s Gal Oron

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the founder and CEO of Zoomin Software, Gal Oron. 

Zoomin Software helps customers of B2B companies self-serve more efficiently. Zoomin sets a completely new standard in how this is being done through technical content. In essence, they look at the customers of the businesses they work with and they determine how to give those customers a stellar end user experience. Zoomin makes customers feel empowered when it comes to using enterprise offerings and helps them self-serve without the need to reach out to tech support. Gal shares that almost 90% of customers that have bad technical experiences with a piece of software will simply switch to a different product. Most consumers won’t want to deal with the hassle of calling customer support or sending emails back and forth. Giving them stellar, self-serve solutions is the best way to retain these customers.

With enterprise products, there are typically complications and issues that require support, there’s just no way around that. You should be creating technical content (blog posts, tutorials, and more) around how to strategically use these enterprise offerings. Zoomin doesn’t create or manage this content for their clients – they take what their clients already have, they go out of their way to understand their clients’ desires, and they know how to contextualize the current customer experience. Zoomin offers ways to deeply understand where technical pitfalls occur based on user experience analysis – Gal and his team can give their clients actionable insights, including the moment a customer is thinking about switching to a different solution. Knowing why and when this happens is key in improving your customer retention. 

When Zoomin works with their clients, they see an immediate impact on experience KPIs. There is a direct impact on both customer retention at the end of the sales cycle as well as an impact on earning customers. Gal shares that users who consume a lot of technical content are automatically credible leads, and Zoomin’s solutions offer ways to analyze and pinpoint these leads using their unique data analytics. 

Customers don’t want to spend their time on the phone with tech support. Statistics show that most customers will totally dislike the support experience no matter what, simply because they feel their time is wasted when they can’t find the answers easily within your content. Improve your customer experience by providing top-notch educational content about your enterprise offering. 

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