1136 – How to Hire VAs Correctly with Virtudesk’s Pavel Stepanov

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the founder and CEO of Virtudesk, Pavel Stepanov.

Virtudesk is a company that provides trained and managed virtual assistants for small to medium sized businesses. They started working in the real estate space and have now branched into the insurance and even weather protection industries. 

Josh and Pavel explore how difficult it has been for small businesses to find VAs. It’s simply hard to find qualified talent at the right price. Not only that, but there could be issues with productivity, accountability, and accuracy. This is where Virtudesk steps in. They manage and train the VAs they outsource and they know how to monitor key KPIs for the given positions they fill for the companies they work with. 

If you’re a business owner who is too busy to do the work to find good VAs, then outsource to a firm like Virtudesk. An assistant is supposed to learn your business, help you establish standard operating procedures, and help you build these systems. Only qualified, professional virtual assistants can do this work. Pavel also explores how granular the various roles within a company can get and shares that you can’t function at a high level doing those roles yourself. You need competent assistants to fill those roles so you, as the business owner, can focus on your zone of genius. 

There is a common myth that only the business owner can execute a high level of service – if you hire right, your company will thrive without you in that role. Pavel explains that your customer isn’t in love with you, they’re in love with your level of service. When your company is organized by procedures and systems, the right hire with the right training can do any job you need filled within your organization. Virtudesk helps with hiring right. 

Josh and Pavel also explore how to bring on a VA. You need a robust onboarding experience, you have to indicate how your company does things, and you need to have standard operating procedures for them to follow. Systems and modules are key when it comes to hiring VAs. Pavel shares a good indicator of your systems – if you go on vacation and you come back to see more revenue than when you left, chances are things are operating well within your business. When things are clear enough where your teams can step in and operate at all levels, you have good systems and processes in place. 

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