1137 – Unparalleled Diesel Engine Solutions with Diesel Laptops’ Tyler Robertson

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the founder and CEO of Diesel Laptops, Tyler Robertson.

Diesel Laptops provides efficiency solutions for people fixing diesel equipment. Tyler shares that it’s not just highway workers who use diesel engines – there are actually more diesel engines off the highway than on it, so this is actually a massive industry with a need for what Tyler’s company offers. 

Tyler explains that farming equipment, airstrip vehicles, plumbing, and more require diesel engines. It’s not going away anytime soon; this is the industry that gets products to your door. 

Tyler and Josh explore the origins of Diesel Laptops – which was started by accident. Tyler had a lot of experience working with a software company before he built kits to help their customers use and download this software for their diesel powered engines. Before long, he had a powerful business idea take off. 

Diesel Laptops grew incredibly fast, but they needed to diversify, Tyler shares. They continued building software that could truly diagnose and educate the user (some of which they developed for free until they ultimately developed it into a SaaS program.) Diesel Laptops is the only solution that provides the computers, software, and hardware that can communicate between the engine/truck and the computer. Tyler shares that when they started Diesel Laptops, there wasn’t a company that offered all of the components of a diesel diagnostic solution on the market. This is what makes Diesel Laptops unique – they offer a holistic approach to diesel solutions and they provide content and education on the subject.  

Tyler shares he had close relationships with his clients in the beginning so he was able to tackle every need and desire of theirs directly. As they scaled, Tyler has had to rely on other means to garner this data, which has been a bit of a challenge. He stresses that the number one way to streamline and optimize your business is to listen to your customers. They know what problems they need solved and what they want to see from your business, so ask them! Tyler shares that many of their products were made and provided for free to their clients when they established a minimum viable product. This allowed for product testing and real time feedback from clients as Diesel Laptops grew. 

Whether you’re a highway worker or you’re in an industry that utilizes diesel engines, Diesel Laptops has the solutions for you.  

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