1139 – Build and Maintain Wealth with Royal Legal Solutions’ Scott Smith

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with the founder of Royal Legal Solutions, Scott Smith. 

Royal Legal Solutions is a team of around 40 people that helps entrepreneurs and investors protect themselves legally, optimize their portfolio, and build and maintain wealth. Their clients are medium to high net worth individuals who want curated advice from top-notch experts. Scott shares that when he first began investing, he ignored the wealth-building side of things. It was incredibly difficult to align everything, but once he optimized his investing, he started offering his approach and solutions as Royal Legal Solutions. They help these people reduce their taxes and increase their income and wealth. 

Scott shares that it’s hard to find, vet, and trust the experts and mentors who are out there. It’s hard to find savvy mentors that all agree on how to tackle your wealth. Royal Legal Solutions offers all of these services in-house so you don’t have to search endlessly for qualified experts. Royal Legal can help position your wealth and portfolio to begin generating passive income. If you diversify your portfolio and build a passive system that builds wealth, you can deeply and truly enjoy your life thanks to financial freedom. 

In quarterbacking information, you see a lot more errors and lack of consistency in wealth building. Royal Legal Solutions is dedicated to educating their audience on how to become financially free – you can even ask the experts at Royal Legal questions during their live events. They seek to facilitate connections between their audience members and encourage other individuals to share their strengths and weaknesses during their educational events. This form of networking is just another benefit you can see from hiring a seasoned, professional in-house team to manage your wealth for you. 

Scott shares that he and his team, in two months, can walk their clients through the entire process required to build and maintain their wealth. He shares that after his clients go through these meetings, they know exactly what they need to spend money on and what their finances need to flourish. More often than not, they choose to make the investment to work with Royal Legal Solutions. Check out the twenty question investor quiz on their website so they can provide you with curated content and to see where they can assist you with your wealth management. 

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