1142 – Solving the Procurement Bottleneck Issue with Certa’s Jag Lamba

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with the founder and CEO of Certa, Jag Lamba.

Certa is a lifecycle management product for third parties. Large companies use Certa to automate the entire lifecycle of the third party services that they utilize. Certa automates every part of this lifecycle. They solve the bottleneck that happens when two companies work together. On the side of the vendor, the issues are acute; they don’t get paid during bottleneck delays. On the other hand, the clients Certa work with struggle with knowing how long their bottleneck period might take. On both sides, especially with large enterprises, there are major issues that Certa addresses using their automated system. 

Unfortunately, Jag shares, enterprises sometimes make suboptimal decisions. It’s harder to work with smaller companies, and while enterprises want to do good by working with smaller businesses, the pain points are undeniable. But with Certa, the stars don’t need to align. Their automated processes make onboarding much easier. 

Jag shares the origin of Certa. When he left his previous career, he dabbled with business ideas. He found that the procurement process was too lengthy for anyone to want to invest in his business ideas. He’d experienced the issues from both sides, so through some sharp and well executed collaborations, Certa launched and has achieved major success since they started. Certa addresses acute pain points by providing the right combination of automation and support for clients.

Josh and Jag also explore how Certa is piloting the innovation process behind solving these major problems within the onboarding and vendor process. Jag shares his personal stake and passion relating to fixing these issues. This is a no code system, and the UI is built into the platform. Each enterprise has their own unique way that they work with third parties. There’s no way to establish a ‘standard solution’ here – they can use Certa’s best practices while also retaining their in-house processes. The only way to solve the problem, Jag explains, is not to standardize the solutions for procurement bottleneck issues. That’s why Certa took no code technology and used that as the foundation of their offering. 

Certa works with two types of companies. Digital native companies are their primary clients and tend to like working quickly with the best practices Certa has created but within their own proprietary framework. The other type of clients they work with are fortune 500 companies that are working to restructure and digitally transform themselves. 

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