1144 – Living a More Creative, Bespoke Lifestyle with Angela Santi

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with The Dolce VITA Leadership and Lifestyle Designer, Angela Santi

The Dolce VITA Lifestyle is a bespoke, Italian signature lifestyle. Angela shares that this means focusing and committing yourself to hard work. However, it also means having a lighthearted approach to all facets of life. Whether you're working hard or it’s the weekend, you shouldn’t put your life on hold. Have fun and connect with people, and seize the day, Angela explains. 

Angela says that you should strive to live in the moment. In America, we don’t vacation very often. According to the Italian mentality, you have to take lots of breaks and vacation to allow yourself the time and space to rest, digest, and to let good ideas percolate. If you’re burned out, you’re far from your creative peak. When you’re rested and relaxed, you bring your best work to your company and to your team. 

Josh and Angela also explore how to set boundaries for yourself at work. Set notifications on a timer and don’t have them on all the time. You have to seize the moment in a functional way. Devote time to work – answering emails, reading Slack messages, whatever it is, but then fill the rest of your time with restful activities. Your mind simply can’t function optimally without time to recoup from work, especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

When you don’t let go of your need to have eyes on everything at all times, you don’t recharge. As a business owner, you need to relent control and let go of the anxiety attached to your business. You’re operating off of fear and fight or flight when you attach these emotions to your job. You have to break down your own desire to feel busy and be willing to walk away sometimes for your own mental health. When you’re an anxiety-based workaholic, you’re training your brain out of creativity. You can’t think creatively while under immense stress. Don’t undermine your own ability as a business owner and set your own guilt-free boundaries, Angela shares. These boundaries will be your lifeline, and you have to be disciplined and dedicated to letting go. It seems counterintuitive, but in truth, this lifestyle will only help your creativity and mental health as a business owner flourish. Commitment and organization serve very important purposes, and there is a balance you have to strike. You have to balance how you focus on the present and caring for yourself and how you focus on the future and growing your business. 

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