1145 – How High Achievers Find Real Purpose and Fulfillment with Jan Broders

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to executive life coach, Jan Broders

Jan helps executives achieve fulfillment in life by helping them find happiness outside of their business success and achievements. Jan explains that he utilizes Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in order to help these executives determine where they actually are in life. This will indicate where their wellbeing and mental health are – especially relating to the success they have achieved. Jan works with the executives who are controlled largely by the responsibilities and demands of their success. 

Josh and Jan explore how high business achievers get where they do because they have high standards for themselves. Jan shares that he’s noticed that high achievers burn out eventually, which definitely doesn’t feel like success to the person experiencing it. Everyone has unique strengths they play to, but high achievers tend to also be perfectionists, which ultimately becomes their greatest weakness. When things aren’t perfect, sometimes burned out executives have trouble coping with that. When your focus on perfection is that consuming and obsessive, it is a weakness. 

Jan also stresses the importance of boundaries and self care. You need to let yourself do the things that bring you peace. Jan explains that self care goes beyond good lifestyle habits. You have to make an effort to actually walk away from work during the day and you need to push yourself to take breaks. Habit changes can help, but this can also cause you to feel more stress. You need to do some deep, mindful self assessments to figure out where your stress relating to work stems from. 

Josh and Jan also talk about how money doesn’t actually solve your problems. Yes, it can certainly improve certain circumstances, but the misconception is that money is the key to fixing any issue. The reality is that your problems scale with your income. Money is great, but if you’re losing sleep, experiencing health issues (especially relating to stress), and you’re not spending time enjoying life with your loved ones, then you still have serious issues. 

Jan says that each individual sees the world differently. People can look at the exact same situation in all different ways; each person perceives life, success, and happiness differently. Our reality is programmed by our experiences and surroundings, especially how success functions, relationships work, and our roles and expectations for ourselves within that reality. Having this mindfulness is the first step to reframing your life and feeling at peace in your reality. 

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