1150 – Cutting Edge, Creative Paid Ads with Clicks and Clients’ Paul Rakovich

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the founder and CEO of Clicks and Clients, Paul Rakovich. 

Clicks and Clients is a full service digital marketing agency that works across different channels and verticals to take businesses to the next level. Clicks and Clients partners with businesses that face complex marketing challenges who need a team that’s as invested in their success as they are. 

Paul and Josh explore what the source of unnecessary frustration is in the paid ad space. One source is expectations, one is strategy, and one is execution. If your expectations aren’t realistic and feasible, you won’t actually go anywhere. This is likely because there is a poor strategy around the paid ads and their targeting. This will ultimately lead to poor execution. These are the three issues Paul sees constantly within the paid ad space.

Paul shares what he likes to see in a good agency. He loves disruptors who bring new ideas to the table. Agencies should always be on the cutting edge and look out for what’s next for their clients. You need to always be on top of new trends and studies and bring those to the table for your partners and clients. 

Josh and Paul also discuss the impact of the iOS update that occurred last year on the paid ad space. The evolution of Facebook has made it so that you have to craft messages creatively and carefully. The volume and efficiency of paid ads has dropped and it's costing more to generate effective ads. You need to always have fresh, creative approaches to your ads to see results. 

Diversification is important, Paul says, and you can’t put all your eggs in the Facebook basket, so to speak. Facebook can work to reach audiences, but you have to balance your channels and not rely solely on it. 

Josh and Paul also talk about how ‘hustle’ culture has flooded the marketing space. You need a strategic, calm, and steady agency guiding you through the tumultuous changes in the paid ad space. Paul shares a key practice he and his team use with their clients; they try to steal their own clients. Every so often, Clicks and Clients will look at the ways another agency could take their clients’ business and they bring those fresh ideas to the clients. Clicks and Clients is dedicated to keeping their clients’ ads cutting edge, creative, and streamlined.

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