1155 – Standing Out on LinkedIn in 2022 with Daniel Alfon

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to LinkedIn specialist, Daniel Alfon.

Daniel joined LinkedIn in early 2004. He explains that there was no handbook, so he had to figure it out and strategize from the bottom up. He shares that he had to write his own rules and forge his way as an expert on the platform, ultimately becoming a niche, authoritative expert on all things LinkedIn. 

Josh and Daniel explore some ways in which users miss key opportunities on LinkedIn. Daniel explains that many people don’t set or pursue an objective with the platform, which is their first mistake. If a business leader thinks about their next position and then leverages LinkedIn to build a network, they are better prepared to utilize the platform the way it was intended. If you want to grow your business and revenue, your LinkedIn profile should support your real life business objectives. Your messaging and community networking on the platform should align with your business objectives – without going overboard. 

Josh asks Daniel about how the platform has been misused. Daniel shares that LinkedIn isn’t the place to mass spam people with prospecting messages. Not only will you not get leads this way, but you could lose your profile if you’re not careful. You should leverage posts, articles, groups, and media on LinkedIn along with making good connections regularly. The business you should be pursuing on LinkedIn should be referral based – or, you should be pursuing any leads you find on the platform outside of it. 

Daniel specializes in organic LinkedIn. You should optimize your content by defining your ideal prospect and answering their real problems and issues. Don’t go off of just what you offer. Make an effort to really understand your prospects and what they really need, regardless of your offering. You need to educate them with your content to become a trusted advisor in your circle, especially when leveraging content on LinkedIn. Don’t produce content just for LinkedIn, though, Daniel says. Reuse and repurpose your general evergreen content and share it in strategic groups on LinkedIn. This means you’re not overspending on your LinkedIn content AND you’re giving that content to truly interested audiences. 

Daniel and Josh agree that companies should not be sliding into DMs to make uncomfortable pitches. Good business leaders oversee the execution of how messaging and connecting with prospects is done. Tactically, you need to invest in making genuine connections that foster the know, like, and trust process. Fostering trust means building a relationship over time, not abusing LinkedIn’s direct message system. 

Want to learn more? Check out Daniel Alfon’s website at  

Check out on LinkedIn at

Check out Daniel Alfon on LinkedIn at  

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