1156 – Maximizing Business Success as a Female Entrepreneur with The Unstoppable Woman’s Amira Alvarez

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with The Unstoppable Woman’s Amira Alvarez. 

Amira is a business coach and strategist that helps high-achieving women entrepreneurs grow their businesses and their income. Amira works with driven women who want more for their lives, businesses, and communities. Her clients tend to have hit an internal block when it comes to executing on their goals. Amira helps them find the solutions that are right in front of them by resolving the internal blockages and by facilitating breakthroughs. 

Josh and Amira explore the cultural impact of women entrepreneurs. There aren’t as many systemic barriers than there used to be for women to become successful business owners, but there is still some lingering conditioning that limits some of these female business leaders. This occurs especially when it comes to sales and leadership. Amira shares that over-nurturing or not asking the deeper questions can sometimes occur in cases like this. Women tend to be more aware of when someone becomes uncomfortable during the sales process – which can lead to not pulling the trigger when you should. It’s all about balancing your confidence, eliminating your conditioning, and recognizing the real guidelines in sales and business operations. 

Josh and Amira also explore her background. She shares that she grew up in a middle class family – she herself says she had a solid upbringing and she had a good childhood. When she started her first business in the health and fitness space, she didn’t know how to do sales or marketing. She needed to learn the tactics. She ultimately relocated and launched into something new – she says that her first year in business, she made around $30K. The next year, she tripled that. She went above and beyond again the third year along – but found she couldn’t work any harder. She started getting lost in her business and she couldn’t work any harder or scale any further; she hit a wall. If your only tool is to “work harder”, there’s a rude awakening ahead, Amira explains. She decided to deeply study success and figure out how to scale without ‘working harder’ (so to speak). The result? She increased her income five times over after taking that step back to realign herself. She back-engineered how she did that, laid out a methodology, and now she teaches other female entrepreneurs how to do what she did. Amira says she was limited by her own beliefs until she transformed herself and how she defined her identity as a business owner to scale, thrive, and achieve business success. 

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