1157 – Take the Time to Truly Know Your Prospect with Chaz Horn

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to B2B consultant and strategist, Chaz Horn.

Chaz and his company help B2B consultants identify, attract, and convert qualified prospects. B2B companies tend to be great at delivering their offering, but they don’t have a predictable way to get referrals. Chaz’s business provides a predictable way to get new qualified prospects on an organic attraction and referral basis. 

Tactics before strategy is the path of failure and strategy before tactics is a much slower path to success. Chaz explains that you have to have an effective balance of both of these key factors. You have to position yourself with leverage to convert the maximum number of prospects. Know your customers’ desires and position yourself where you have leverage. 

Chaz shares that when you leverage yourself based on yourself and not your clients, you won’t see the results you’re aiming for. Everything you do needs to be because of what your prospects told you. Leverage yourself based on the needs explicitly laid out by your audience and market. Focus your messaging and efforts on the top few problems in your audience base. 

Content should be carefully and strategically crafted to reach your audience on an emotional level – this is the best way to drive traffic to your profile on LinkedIn and to your website. You catch someone’s interest with content, but if you don’t speak to their wants and needs and put yourself in a position to welcome the perfect prospect, you won’t see the maximum level of conversions. 

Your marketing and your sales teams should also always be on the same page, too, which is a major issue Chaz sees. Providing an outstanding customer experience means having a streamlined and holistic corporate team approach. 

Chaz and Josh explore some of the biggest issues with B2B targeting today. Chaz shares that too many companies aren’t coming from a place of service; if you’re just spamming lead lists with messages, you’re not only not adequately targeting, but you’re damaging the efficacy of your message. If your positioning isn’t on point and isn’t leveraged from the client’s perspective, you simply don’t have leverage. Your messaging should not revolve around you or what you think – you can only reach these prospects by making things about them, their issues, and by connecting with them on an authentic emotional level. Take the time to truly know your prospects and use that in your marketing. 

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