1158 – Quality Over Quantity on LinkedIn with Unleashing Influence’s Dr. Angela Mulrooney

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the CEO of Unleashing Influence, Dr. Angela Mulrooney.

Unleashing Influence helps people to develop their personal brands on LinkedIn by helping them create amazing content, identify and understand their own archetype, and get out of their own way so they can change the world with what they know. The people she works with are high level professionals and entrepreneurs who pursue work with other high level professionals. This is what makes LinkedIn an amazing resource, Dr. Angela explains. LinkedIn is where high level business leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs congregate and connect. 

Josh and Dr. Angela explore what people typically look for on LinkedIn. Users are generally looking for snackable tips and strategies to apply to their own job or business and they’re looking for good networking opportunities. LinkedIn is consumed differently than other forms of social media, she shares. Other forms of social media encourage mindless media consumption whereas LinkedIn not only encourages a thoughtful, deliberate approach – it demands it if you want to use it effectively. LinkedIn is designed for sophisticated professionals, so it requires that level of diligence when being utilized efficiently. 

Most people’s profiles are maybe 20% filled out. Most people only see LinkedIn as a resume rather than a way to share their personal brand. There’s so much color and personality you can and should bring to your profile, Dr. Angela says. People should be able to look at your LinkedIn and have a general sense about who you are truly. Dr. Angela advises telling your story in the About section. Put the technical jargon and information in your Experience section. The About section is where you should tell your story, and if you tell it well, people will read the whole thing and then dig even further into your profile. 

Dr. Angela and Josh also talk about engagement on LinkedIn. She explains that being active should look like a couple of quality posts every week, consistently. LinkedIn prefers quality content over a large quantity of content. The algorithm will favor you and your content will also be more optimized for engagement and interaction.LinkedIn users want good information in every piece of content they consume, so focus on producing quality over quantity. 

Dr. Angela also shares some tips on what she forecasts is on the horizon for LinkedIn. She says first of all, do more original thought leadership. To ensure content doesn’t come off as narcissistic, focus on providing tangible, real value to your existing clients and audience. Don’t focus your content on you, what you do, or even your accolades. You can’t come off as ‘you-centric’. Give your audience some of the best tools you have to offer and don’t dangle the carrot. Give tactical takeaways that they can really apply so they can begin to know, like, and trust you based on what you really offer through your content. 

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