1162 – The Importance of Being Result-Driven in Marketing with Virtual Worker Now’s Jonathon Kendall

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO of DealRaise and the Executive Director of Virtual Worker Now, Jonathon Kendall. 

Virtual Worker Now is a digital marketing agency that offers services in paid ad buying, organic social media, video editing, graphic design, copywriting, funnel building, website development, customer support, virtual assistance, executive assistance, and web development coding. Jonathon shares that he started in copywriting originally, which helped him step into marketing, which then led to him stepping into entrepreneurship. He approaches business with an engineering approach by applying repeatable, high level skill sets. Virtual Worker Now is result-driven and is immediately consultative with their clients. They use data and hard numbers to know where the businesses they work with really sit so that Virtual Worker Now can deliver results at both a high level and at optimum speed. 

If you know you have a marketing pain point or challenge, don’t just outsource to someone less expensive than an agency – remember, you get what you pay for. If you want immediate, proven marketing results, you have to work with an agency that’s tuned into your data and the challenges you’re facing.

Agencies sometimes overcomplicate things to sell more services, Jonathon explains. Moreover, most entrepreneurs can see those tactics from a mile away. Invest in an agency that doesn’t mess around with trying to upsell you on services you really don’t need. You need to trust the agency you’re working with; they need to show you that they’re driven by your data and that they will get you tangible results.

Start with smaller services, Jonathon explains, and work your way up. If you aren’t totally ready to commit to an agency or strategy, experiment and dabble with an idea to see where the results land. Agencies should de-risk their offers by offering a ‘sample’ or smaller service for this exact reason; they need to give their prospects a way to do a trial run so they can truly fall in love with the work their agency does. 

The number one thing to do is to become so trusted by your audience that you are their trusted advisor in your space. Dedicate yourself to deeply solving your clients’ issues. Jonathon explains that some business owners second guess adding new services either because they lack the skill set or because they lack the necessary operational structure within their business. Virtual Worker Now helps tackle these challenges and more.

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