1164 – Building a Brand Holistically and Authentically with Oh Hello’s Natalie Micale

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO and Owner of Oh Hello, Natalie Micale.

Oh Hello is a full service creative digital agency that builds brands through strategy, identity, package, web development, design, and more. They also offer services around brand management that helps get their clients’ messages out there via digital advertising. Oh Hello’s X-factor is strategy; they don’t throw their clients into random marketing engagements. They build brands at a high level of strategy to help these companies reach their ideal audiences.

Natalie and Josh explore who Oh Hello tends to work with. Oh Hello focuses on working with companies who want to align their brand and understand their audience deeply. That being said, Natalie shares that Oh Hello’s clientele is industry agnostic. Natalie and her team strategize every step of a campaign, from lead generation to messaging, branding, and channel utilization. 

Natalie explains that most of their clients are able to give Oh Hello the building blocks of what they need to truly capture the spirit of a brand. During those early conversations, Natalie and her team focus especially on building a persona around those brands to create a better, more effective digital presence. Effective ads should emotionally connect to the purpose and goals of the business and the prospects. Oh Hello also does extensive data mining in the early stages of working with a brand so that their messaging and outreach is optimized.

Natalie and Josh also talk about best social media practices to utilize right now. Boosting your reach requires a few key strategic steps. For one thing, Natalie shares that you should utilize Instagram reels. People’s attention spans are shorter than ever, and when it comes to advertising, you should be aiming for a fifth grade reading level for your messaging. If you use bigger words, people simply won’t dedicate the attention to reading your ad. Another tip she shares is to grow your email list. Too many business owners don’t build up their email lists, but the reality is your email list is one of your greatest assets. People who sign up for your email list want to hear from you, so leverage that and facilitate growing your list. 

Oh Hello covers brand strategy holistically. Their framework is proprietary and all encompassing. They will help build every page on your website that features your brand and manage successful marketing campaigns through a variety of channels on your behalf. This will help ensure that the message of your service to your audience is concise, effective, and clear. 

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