1168 – Differentiate Yourself with Engaging and Interactive eLearning Experiences with LearnWorlds’ Panos Siozos

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the co-founder and CEO of LearnWorlds, Panos Siozos.

LearnWorlds helps entrepreneurs create online courses from their own websites. Panos shares that what sets LearnWorlds apart is that they have an innate understanding of eLearning. LearnWorlds’ goal is to completely overhaul the eLearning space so that it becomes more creative, engaging, and advanced. LearnWorlds offers unique tools on their platform that are specially designed to help create these highly engaging and interactive learning experiences. Not only does this platform make it easy to create amazing eLearning courses, but it will also help to create loyal return customers who trust your authority and your online courses.

Panos and Josh explore how LearnWorlds fits into most business models today. Panos explains that many companies recognize that eLearning is one of the best forms of marketing to invest in right now. LearnWorlds keeps business owners connected to the pulse of their customer base and allows them to take a proactive approach to their educational material and marketing.

Education fits everywhere, Panos says, and you need to train your employees, your partners, and your customers. Leverage your knowledge base in order to create courses that keep you connected to your customers in an engaging, effective way.

Customer education can and should start at the top of the funnel and trickle all the way down to your retention rate, but you have to use best practices to keep your customers engaged and interested. The space became crowded over the last few years, Panos shares. The pandemic brought about a flood of online courses, but not all of these eLearning opportunities were well executed. You have to provide top value in a course and differentiate yourself from other coaches who offer the same type of eLearning courses. LearnWorlds creates substantial, engaging, and highly interactive learning content that prioritizes value. One way some entrepreneurs and coaches stand out is to host hybrid courses; dedicate some of your course to self-paced interactive learning, but pair that with live virtual classes you host for your customers. This not only sets you apart from other coaches offering similar courses, but it keeps you directly connected to your clients. You can better follow along their journey and quickly identify pain points by involving yourself in the execution of your eLearning course.

LearnWorlds offers a variety of packages and monthly courses. They offer packages for businesses in all stages and rates of growth.

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