1169 – Monetize Your Audience Directly with MiloTree’s Jillian Leslie

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the founder of MiloTree, Jillian Leslie. 

MiloTree offers a pop up app that lives on sites their users own that asks visitors to follow the site owner/business on social media or by email. You can boost your own social media following and your email list by tapping into your traffic flow, Jillian explains. The best part is that this application is fast, efficient, and seamless. It won’t bog down your website or affect traffic performance. MiloTree eats their own dogfood and uses their own application when trying to grow their following. 

Jillian explains that it’s MiloTree’s philosophy to make tech as easy and seamless as possible for their app users. This philosophy is what organically led to MiloTree’s creation of a payment platform for content creators to be able to monetize their audience directly. Creators rely heavily on platforms and algorithms completely outside of their control in order to monetize the community they built. Jillian explains that MiloTree’s system allows creators to go directly to their community with paid services like digital products, memberships, coaching products, and more. MiloTree also knows that creators don’t have the time to spend trying to figure out complex payment systems for products – their technology is completely user friendly and already interfaced. This means it's ready for you to use with ease right away. 

Jillian shares her personal philosophy; do B minus work. She explains that we all hold ourselves to unattainable standards, but she is refusing this way of thinking. Hitting above average and doable is what you need to hit. Test and experiment from there. This is a great way to build your business; you can learn from your market and find your dedicated tribe simultaneously. 

MiloTree Easy Payments offers an extremely simple sales page creation process that only takes minutes. The best part? You can set up as many sales pages and products as you want. Jillian invites listeners to come try their system for FREE to see how your audience will react to direct offerings from you. Experiment and test your offerings to see how your community reacts and then go back and tweak. This is how you build a business through monetizing your audience and cutting out the middleman that is platforms and algorithms. 

Jillian says that you need to make sure you stay connected to your audience authentically. With the internet as big and loud as it is, you need to get smaller and more personable to build a strong, dedicated following. Invest that time into your loyal community to continue building that relationship and to stay top of mind.

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