1170 – Adjust Your Marketing Position and Packaging with Sean Rosensteel

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the founder of Savvy Pro Web, Sean Rosensteel.

Savvy Pro Web helps their clients simplify their marketing so they can have more opportunities to pitch to their ideal prospects. Sean says he and his team help uncover the untapped potential of their clients. But why aren’t these businesses having ‘at bats’ with their prospects in the first place? It’s all about how you position yourself in the marketplace, Sean explains. You have to position yourself and your products as the ‘hero’ of the story you’re telling through your marketing. 

Sean and Josh talk about how not enough brands focus on the prospect in their marketing; they only focus on what they offer, not what the prospect actually needs. Position yourself and your marketing from a place of service and talk to your audience about their wants, needs, and goals. Sean explains that brands also tend to focus more on establishing their authority and sharing accolades than on the customer in their marketing. This leaves the prospect asking whether or not the brand actually resonates with and understands them. Don’t leave your prospects asking themselves whether or not you actually get them; your marketing and branding should always tell a story and answer those questions right away. This all goes beyond just your website; all of your marketing collateral, from pamphlets to PowerPoint presentations, needs to incorporate empathy. It's easy to talk too much about your product, but you can never talk too much about your customers and how you solve their problems.

Once you solve your positioning issues by putting the prospect at the center of your marketing story, you need to repackage all of your marketing assets. You need to reframe all of your messaging to match your new position; every piece of marketing you use needs to connect emotionally to your ideal prospect. Be the hero to their story no matter where they’re learning about you and make sure your marketing is consistent across different channels. Always adjust and fine tune that messaging to maintain vital consistency. Your goal should always be to deliver the maximum value to your audience. Deliver true value to your ideal prospects and always put service first. 

Success leaves clues, Sean says. You might have the makings of a successful business, but perhaps you struggle with closing sales. If so, you can increase your level of performance by adjusting your marketing position and packaging. Once those aspects have been adjusted, you can better target your ideal audience and actually see traffic growth and a higher rate of conversions.  

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