1171 – Finding Your Life’s True Purpose with Andy Petranek

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to leadership coach Andy Petranek.

Andy is a life coach who serves a variety of people. His channel isn’t narrow; most of his clients have already achieved some level of success but realize what they’re doing isn’t getting them to their goals. He helps men and women find and achieve their life’s true purpose. 

Josh and Andy talk about how goals and life aspirations can change over time. Those who have achieved their surface level goals in life often realize over time that they want something more fulfilling. Josh shares that we should all give ourselves grace when we grow and change; if our desires or goals change, that’s simply a part of life. 

Andy explains that one of the biggest emotional obstacles his clients have to overcome is actually breaking from the habits of their current life. Every choice we make has residual effects that linger. The longer we stay in a habitual life cycle, the less we feel like we can deviate from it. Andy shares that breaking this cycle is the first step to changing your life; if you’re unhappy or unfulfilled, don’t continue on the way you have been just because changing things up is frightening and challenging. Getting stuck in these emotional grooves only ever holds us back.

The level of honesty you have with yourself is very important, Andy says. Self-awareness and honesty with yourself is required when you make major life changes. When you feel ‘off’ in life but can’t put your finger on why, dive inward and deeply. The more honest you are with yourself, the closer you are to finding the answers to your feelings of lack of fulfillment. Andy describes this as ‘the pit’. We all have our own pits of unhappiness and pain, but many of us avoid exploring them within ourselves. Finding meaning in life requires surveying these internal pits for all they are and changing your life based on what you find.

There is also something to be said for having a tenacious attitude and intense determination. You have to take a ‘failure is not an option’ approach and be willing to accept and rise from blunders and fumbles. This is especially true in business, where many entrepreneurs do give up when they feel they aren’t doing well enough in their business. When the stakes only affect you, the business owner, you’re less likely to keep going even when you want to give up. Give yourself and your business the same due diligence you give to others; have tenacity and always be willing to get back up and fight for positive change in your life and in your company. 

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