1172 – The Benefits of Working with an Expert Virtual CMO with Edwin Dearborn

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to virtual CMO and author, Edwin Dearborn

Edwin shares that he helps companies, who are doing well but don’t have a CMO on board, who want to become more growth-driven. In other words, he’s the perfect fit for a company that doesn’t want to hire a full time CMO but needs that guidance to get to the next level. 

Edwin also helps to advise on content creation. A lot of the companies he has worked with have great content ideas but haven’t executed on any of them; Edwin helps with actually pulling the trigger on the content creation process.

Josh and Edwin also explore how to approach solving marketing problems in business. Edwin explains that many businesses only see their most immediate or direct problem and not any other issues that negatively impact the business. More often than not, your issues aren’t just chalked up to one problem, but rather several that influence one another. Edwin helps his clients take off their blinders and untangle the web of problems, then he helps create a blueprint that will help those businesses overcome those challenges and get to the next level of growth. 

Edwin and Josh agree that a confused mind does nothing. If your marketing and messaging isn’t clear or doesn’t resonate with your target audience, your prospects simply aren’t going to buy. If you’re having leadgen issues, you need to reframe your messaging to actually hit home with your demographic. Do market research to find out how your marketing is actually being perceived and use that feedback to change your ad strategy. 

Another important point to consider is keeping up with trends and changes. A CEO that runs all of their own marketing isn’t going to have the bandwidth to continue being their own marketing expert. This is the beauty of hiring a virtual CMO – you can outsource your needs to the experts without necessarily creating a whole new role within your company’s framework. Don’t wait until the last moment to outsource this type of work to a virtual CMO or marketing expert; start working on this early to stay on top of marketing trends and to build your processes effectively from the get go. A good CMO can drive revenue beyond what you might think is possible and this can all be done fractionally and virtually. Edwin shares that he works with ambitious businesses that want to scale. His clients have big dreams and want to create massive amounts of presence in their space. 

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