1174 – Lead with Conscientiousness with The Conscious Builder Academy’s Casey Grey

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the CEO and founder of The Conscious Builder and The Conscious Builder Academy, Casey Grey.

The Conscious Builder, based out of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, was created on the premise that you should always strive to be a conscientious leader in your space. Casey shares that he founded his business because ultimately, he wants to make a positive impact on the life of everyday people. He set out to lead his business with intention, integrity, and with careful and conscious thought. 

The Conscious Builder stands out, first and foremost, because it’s consumer focused. They put out what they wish to attract and tell their prospects that they resonate with their goals. Casey designed his business so he could work with his ideal customers and grow organically through that. 

Casey and his team wanted to get their ideology out there and share their message of conscientiousness with the market. He explains that The Conscious Builder Academy was the next logical step in his business journey. He wanted to help other contractors become successful. With the home boom that’s happened in a market that is changing and growing constantly, it’s vital to stay up to date when it comes to operating your construction or contracting business strategically. Between price increases across the board, labor and supply shortages, and uncertain supply chain issues, difficult conversations with clients are on the horizon. The Conscious Builder Academy helps contractors tackle these issues and more. 

According to their website, The Conscious Builder Academy is an online school for empowering builders who want to build strong, resilient businesses and better, more efficient buildings.Their website offers courses, toolkits, templates, and more in order to help contractors future-proof their businesses, step by step. Casey also shares that The Conscious Builder Academy will also be launching a Discord server soon to stay connected with their community directly. 

The Conscious Builder Academy offers an amazing array of courses for contractors. They offer a conflict resolution toolkit, courses on selling passive houses, increasing profit, managing clients, priming tough conversations with clients, and more. Casey shares that the conflict resolution toolkit especially is quite impactful – and would have greatly helped him in his own lawsuit years ago had he known then what he shares in this kit. Check out the Conscious Builder Academy’s conflict resolution toolkit here

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