1176 – Consistency is the Key to Podcasting with Podfest’s Chris Krimitsos

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with the Chief Creative Officer of Podfest, Chris Krimitsos.

Chris has an extensive background in the podcasting space. Podcasting is on demand, searchable audio that's syndicated through the internet, he explains. Podcasts are messengers that people can actually search for and find. They’re also extremely versatile and can serve many different purposes, both creatively and pragmatically. Podcasts also get you in front of people and can be monetized in many different ways. 

Josh and Chris also explore the types of listeners podcasts attract. The extremely busy business owner, who may not otherwise have the time to sit through lengthy business lectures, can now passively listen to podcasts on the go. Podcasting is an incredible way to reframe important information into digestible, snackable portions. 

Chris stresses the importance of choosing the right name. You need to make sure your podcast is search engine optimized within each player platform and that your podcast name is succinct and easily recognizable. In order to create a successful podcast, it needs a strong foundation. 

When you produce content and syndicate it correctly, you’re going to be indexed on some of the best player platforms out there. This is all high domain authority that you can leverage directly. Podcast guesting is not only easy, but it’s a great way to easily get your name out there and circulating. When you guest on podcasts effectively and ensure the audience knows who you are, you will create authority for yourself and forge connections naturally with listeners. 

Josh and Chris also explore the misconception that the podcasting space is ‘too crowded.’ Yes, there are lots of podcasts out there. However, if you stay passionate and consistent with your show, position and leverage your content, and be a podcast guest effectively, you can definitely see great results. This is why Chris and the team around Podfest began. They wanted to create an expo that aligned with their dedication to podcasting excellence. 

Podfest is a gathering of content creators from across all platforms where experts can exchange ideas and trends. This expo deep dives into hands-on content and offers new, cutting edge strategies to boost the success of your show. Top creators come together at Podfest to share their wisdom and welcome new podcasters to the space with open arms and great information. Podfest 2022 takes place on May 26 – 29. Check out their schedule here and purchase tickets to Podfest 2022 here.

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