1179 – The Secrets to Leveraging Your Book with Prominence Publishing’s Suzanne Doyle-Ingram

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the founder and CEO of Prominence Publishing, Suzanne Doyle-Ingram. 

Prominence Publishing is a publishing company that exclusively works with business professionals to write non-fiction books. They work with professionals who want to use their book to leverage and position themselves better within their vertical. Suzanne explains that they help busy business owners effectively manage their book and leverage it to get more clients. They also teach these professionals how to sell their books. 

Suzanne shares that one of the biggest issues she sees is that entrepreneurs don’t utilize their book properly. Prominence Publishing decided to launch a new program called “Beyond the Book” that teaches professionals and authors what they should do after the book is published. A book will always give you more perceived authority, Suzanne explains. A podcast, journalist, client, or anyone else in your sphere will almost always choose an author over someone who isn’t. It affords that extra authority in your space and sets you apart enough so that you seem more credible to audiences. 

Suzanne also discusses a trend she’s observed in her space. Many business owners, coaches, and consultants like to sell their books for ‘free’, the buyer only pays for shipping. She explains that, while this might work for business owners who have $50K to spend on advertising, it isn’t feasible for small business owners or professionals trying to get their book out there. Only use this method when you have a dialed-in back end and the cash to spend on marketing. 

Josh and Suzanne also explore how people tend to read books in this day and age. She shares that only 20% of books are actually read to completion; most people don’t read books in their entirety anymore. This is why it’s important to design your book carefully and utilize an outline. You have to detach emotionally from your book and focus only on what will provide value to your reader. On top of that, you should always put a call to action in your book as well to engage with and connect to the reader.

You should always be leveraging your book. Suzanne shares that you should make it obvious you have a book across all of your social media accounts. Everywhere you appear on the internet, add your book somewhere on that page. Beyond that, don’t ask people to buy it; demonstrate why you have authority and why your book might benefit them. Don’t forget to engage with your network and ask others to share your book when the time and circumstances are appropriate. Always make sure to leverage your book optimally. 

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