1182 – Selling with Integrity with Sartoris Digital’s Nick Collins

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the founder and CEO of Sartoris Digital, Nick Collins. 

Sartoris Digital helps their clients put their business in the ‘right time’ and position to serve their ideal prospects. Nick and his team have worked with major companies such as Ford, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, United, Wilson, and more. Sartoris has done a broad array of work for these larger companies over the years. 

Josh and Nick also discuss how Sartoris Digital helps to develop apps. Nick shares that everything Sartoris does is tailored to their clients. They go through an initial ‘fitting’ process with their clients in order to determine their unique, individual needs. From there, Sartoris Digital will custom curate an online experience for their client that is significantly unique. Nothing Nick and his team does is ‘off the shelf’ – which is why they decided to offer app development as a service. Their clients needed better ways to engage and connect with their communities. Applications offer unique, game-changing engagement opportunities between a company and its audience. 

Nick explains that his reputation and quality of work are what propelled Sartoris Digital into the massive success it has seen. Nick was fortunate enough to grow in his career by focusing on both design and engineering, which gave him an edge in his field. For the first five years Sartoris was in business, it did zero marketing. Their 7-figure business was purely word of mouth during that time. 

Nick shares an important principle; always, to the best of your ability, do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it. Overpromising and under delivering leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Don’t put yourself or your team in a position to miss deadlines because you want to sweeten the pot. Set realistic deadlines and make an effort to truly meet those obligations in order to build your reputation. 

Nick and Josh also talk about how to drive traffic to your business as a coach or consultant. As a coach, your business is almost solely based on reputation. He stresses to only put money into what will truly provide value to your clients. 80% of courses go unfinished because they don’t offer the value the client is looking for. Every time you have someone drop off your programs or courses for this reason, it dings your reputation. Your priority should be to provide the most premium, high level value possible to your clients. If something isn’t providing that value, or that specific program isn’t a fit for a prospect, don’t continue to sell that program. Selling with integrity will pay off because it will strengthen your reputation tenfold. 

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