1183 – Implementing Program Offerings as a Coach with The Thought Leaders’ Doug McIsaac

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the founder of The Thought Leaders, Doug McIsaac.

Doug helps coaches and consultants multiply their impact, influence, and income without multiplying their hours. He also saves them from billing by the hour. Doug found that, after years of doing lead generation with his company Social Montana, his coach and consultant clients would cancel their lead generation services when they’d get busy. After sometime, they’d call him back frantically after not closing the expected amount of deals. Doug realized he needed to show these coaches and consultants how to level things out and earn recurring income from various different sources. 

Doug teaches his clients how to create courses and programs as well as funnels on top of their existing work – without adding a lot of time to their day to day. He shows them the tools of how to be successful without getting stuck in the weeds of their business. He shares that the more money you make as a coach, chances are your quality of life has decreased somewhat. 

Doug has been a consultant since 1997, so he has a deep level of experience with reaching high levels of success in his space. He was used to billing by the hour, but they soon realized there were issues with that business model. He ultimately developed a different approach and at the time, his company systemized this. 

Along the way, Doug shares that he found a love for helping coaches and consultants use better business practices, and so that is where he turned his focus. Josh and Doug discuss where courses fit in for couches. Most clients want everything done for them or only want the information they need. Courses should be aimed at teaching your clients’ staff how to do the more in depth tasks. Doug also suggests that if you’re trying to attract higher level clients, offer a mastermind. 

Doug and Josh discuss best practices when trying to implement a program or course into your business. Doug explains that you need to take the knowledge you have and turn it into a course for your prospects that can’t afford one on one time with you. Doug shares that he works often with clients who have a client base, and so they can sell their course to their client base. 

Doug recommends delineating your knowledge into categories; what can you make into a course, what needs your one on one attention, and what can be used to build a mastermind? Start asking yourself these questions if you’re a coach or consultant looking to create a program or course offerings. 

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