1185 – Writing Expert Level Technical Content with Draft.Dev’s Karl Hughes

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the founder and CEO of Draft.Dev, Karl Hughes. 

Draft.Dev writes technical content for companies that want to reach software engineers. Typically, the companies Draft.Dev works with are businesses that design tools for software engineers. They create content around things like continuous integration platforms and other complex software tools. The main issue companies experience is that they actually need someone with a software development background to write this technical content. This is where Draft.Dev comes in – they have the software expertise and a background in creating strong content. They married these ideas and Draft.Dev was born. 

Karl explains that Draft.Dev typically works with publicly traded companies that build platforms and  tools for software developers and engineers. He shares that, when marketing to this demographic, you have to not only explain the benefits of your tool or platform; you have to demonstrate the practical uses and applications of it. This requires a level of technical expertise, and traditional marketing teams struggle immensely with this. 

Josh and Karl also discuss what the market traditionally does outside of the solutions Draft.Dev offers. Karl says that developers are notoriously hard to reach and market to. They’ll block ads or email addresses – marketing to such a savvy group of prospects requires avoiding hard selling to them. You have to come off as authentic and authoritative in the space; in other words, your marketing team needs to know their stuff. 

When you’re writing complex and deep content, you need to come off as an expert. The standard freelance copywriter won’t always know if what they’re saying is totally accurate in such niches. You have to outsource the expertise itself to capture that essence in your content. Many companies now hire specialized developer marketing teams because these issues with content are so pervasive in the space. Draft.Dev manages to differentiate themselves in their niche, which has resulted in rapid growth for them.

Draft.Dev doesn’t have many competitors at this time. They stand out in their space and much of their business is word of mouth. Their team has over 150 writers (and they’re still growing). They have blown up with success in the year and a half since they launched. Karl explains that their team of technical writers and editors is their major differentiator; they’re dedicated to accurate, expert technical information paired with remarkable content creation and storytelling. 

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