1188 – An Innovative Automotive Peelable Paint with Clarity Coat’s Adam Huber

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the co-founder of Clairty Coat, Adam Huber. 

Clarity Coat is a peelable paint, also known as a liquid car wrap. It can be used on a variety of types of vehicles with ease. This is a new option for automotive body shops to utilize so that they can expand their business operations outside of working with insurance companies. Adam shares that it’s never a good idea to put all of your eggs into the ‘insurance’ basket when it comes to what you do as a body shop. 

Clarity Coat can be applied clear to any part of a vehicle to protect it from dents, scratches, or fading. If you want to recolor your car, that’s another option Clarity Coat offers. This peelable paint is a new and innovative paint approach for body shops to offer. According to their website, ClarityCoat has been developed with common paint protection/vinyl wrap issues taken into consideration. With the highest grade materials and years of testing, they have developed this best-in-class product that is successfully being used globally. Clarity Coat goes on the vehicle seamlessly but can be removed with ease as well. With a minimum of 200 microns (8 mils) up to 350 microns (14 mils) worth of ‘protection,' there is no alternative on the market.

Clarity Coat is sprayed on, so there are no panels or wrap lines on your car after the job is done. It was invented about nine years ago in America, but has grown immensely. Other notable companies have also offered their rendition of peelable paint. What sets Clarity Coat apart is that their competitors stick to whatever region they’re based in; Clarity Coat is global. 

The peelable paint industry is rather niche, so quality and availability go a long way quickly. Clarity Coat utilizes social media and other various marketing channels – their business comes from a solid combination of those efforts, Adam explains. 

In the US, the biggest issue Clarity Coat has experienced when getting their product into shops is that they have a proprietary application system. Any shop that wants to add this product to their line of services has to be trained on applying Clarity Coat. Many shopowners balk at the idea of needing to be taught how to apply this type of product, but what Clarity Coat delivers is by far worth the training efforts. 

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