1189 – The Power of Broadcast Media with Sharrarne Morton

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with media celebrity, SiriusXM Radio host, speaker, writer, and media consultant, Sharrarne Morton.

Sharrarne explains that she majored in broadcast journalism and even had a radio show. She knew it was her calling as she left college. She was then asked to do some commentary on an ABC affiliate for a one-off appearance, where their ratings went through the roof as a result. Because of the audience’s reaction to her, they asked her to come back again and again. That turned into a 14 year long career with ABC. During that time, Sharrarne opened a media company. After 14 years with ABC, SiriusXM Radio offered her a position as a radio host, which is where Sharrarne has been for the past seven years. Sharrarne is on SiriusXM/HUR Voices Channel 141 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. 

Sharrarne is also a media coach. People often ask her how to get on television and radio. She shares it’s not as glamorous as it seems and it takes a lot of meticulous hard work and mentoring. The biggest part of being in media is networking; you need to constantly been on the competitive cutting edge and bring fresh ideas to the table. 

Sharrarne shares that she coaches on how to interview and resonate with an audience. On radio especially, your voice has to truly shine through. It requires more work to captivate an audience. There are many coaches, consuiltants, and business owners out there who want to increase their authority and credibility. The best way to do this is to appear on TV, radio, and in podcasts. Now matter how big social media becomes, broadcast media is still as prevalent and influential as ever. 

Josh and Sharrarne also discuss the mistakes many business owners make when persuing media appearances. Sharrarne shares that many entrepreneurs overestimate the value of the visibility of their appearances in media. You need to focus more on establishing authority, because this is what’s going to help you network and make your way into other media appearances. 

Sharrarne’s show is always looking for guests who her audience will resonate with. She shares that her guests need to have authority in their space, but that she makes it easy and accessible to reach her if you’re interested in being a guest. Her show is open to any market or niche expert that can serve value to her audience. 

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