1190 – Building Machine Learning Data Algorithms with Arricor’s Luke Arrigoni

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the CEO and Principal Data Scientist at Arricor, Luke Arrigoni.

Arricor helps enterprise-sized companies solve data science problems by providing complex machine learning solutions and systems. Arricor can develop algorithms that will help enterprises better understand and predict their customer bases. They help companies unlock the power of their data to solve big problems. 

Data is everywhere and we all create it, Luke explains. No matter how you slice it, data is what drives enterprise-level marketing. According to their website, Arricor’s machine learning process is designed to guide discovery, arrive at cost-effective solutions, and account for staff training. They have designed this process in a way that removes the mystery around machine learning programs and allows companies to control and iterate on their own machine learning goals.

Josh and Luke discuss what SMBs should do to better leverage the power of their data. Luke explains there are two things to consider; first, do a vendor analysis. Every single one of your vendors will have an AI product offering that they will try to sell to you in the next few years, Luke says. Always carefully evaluate these claims carefully. Ask for proof and be skeptical. Secondly, tackle how you collect data as you grow. You don’t want to wish you had been collecting data for the last five years when your business hits a milestone. 

There are likely profit centers in your business that you haven’t even considered, hidden within the data your business generates. There are always new revenue streams to be found when it comes to data. Don’t miss opportunities to leverage your data, even if it means you need to think outside the box a little. Keep your mind open to how data can solve other problems for your customers. Data is in everything, as Luke stated. You can inform all of your messaging and marketing by looking closely at data relating to customer prediction. 

Arricor mainly does their business via referrals, and they offer a four-step process to help their clients uncover the power of their data; discovery, prototype, production, and training. During the discovery phase, they discuss your goals and existing data. Next, during the prototype phase, they outline your machine learning solution. During production, they build a production-quality model for their client to try out. During training, Arricor helps its clients understand the process of their new machine learning data algorithm. Learn more about their process here

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